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So much of my world lives inside my head
Would you come over
You know that you want to
How does it feel to know I still want you?
Why do we always seem to want what we can't have
Lessons learned
But then I listen to my heart and it says still run back for more
For more
The Ataris - Between You and Me

Now that I know you, I could never turn my back away
Now that I see you, I could never look away
Now that I know you, I could never turn my back away
Now that I see you, I believe no matter what they say
I feel so alive for the very first time
I can't deny you
I feel so alive
I feel so alive for the very first time
And I think I can fly
POD - Alive

Long ago I was told there were riches inside of me
Someone old hid the gold and the finding was my affair
In those days when my hears heard a story my mind believed
So I search with my greed in the sunshine for all to see there
I'm in over my head in this game
Over my head
I'm afraid I'm never gonna find my way back to where I've been
Semisonic - Over My Head

I'm clumsily dancing away this fear
I'm stumbling closer to you and I'm
Tumbling over my pride
I will be a fool for you
Lifehouse - Fool

Hmm... I just love all those songs... Especially Over My Head by Semisonic - that was the song I listened to a lot during late Feb, early March this year... Mostly I was just thinking along the lines that I was getting into something really big in my life at that point, with the whole Jen thing and stuff - at least my foresight seemed to be working... :o)

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*pokes head in* did you get this comment emailed?

Nope, but I got your support response e-mailed. And the option for e-mail notification is turned on. So I'm going to have a hissy fit, cry, or all of the above :o)

do you have AIM by chance? if you do, can you log on and maybe I can *try* to help you out a little more... and I emphasize try lol
heather97osu is me

It just started working. Well, by that I mean I got this comment through e-mail. With any luck, that's problem solved. One support point for you, even though I have a suspicion that you didn't log onto the LJ servers and fix it ;o)

lol no I didn't.... but I was gonna try my hardest to help ya *laughs*

maybe that swift kick to my computer came through to yours...

That, combined with the kick that I gave my computer myself.

I just hope my kick doesn't go through to yours and break something. I'll watch support just in case it does ;o)

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