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Handed in my work...
... To the wrong place, but they should get it okay anyway.... Sadly, I didn't stay up all last night, since it all worked fine, and as such, was not so tired that I wrote sarcastic bollocks in my report. The only vaguely informal part of it was this:
Given more time (and inclination) this program might benefit from error handling. In its current state, exceptions are not thrown (except OutOfMemoryExceptions when the programmer forgets that going through a vector iteratively using the addAll() method by accident increases memory consumption exponentially), so error handling is not required. However, to make the program truly general to any problem, it would be useful to include error handling, since a more complex problem might mean more room for making mistakes.
And that hardly counts. Anyway, the point is, I've finished now, so I have nothing left to do for, like, ever...


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