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Ah, and I was so close...
My project is completed. There's just one hitch - it's a search application, which finds the quickest path to a goal. The problem is, the search space is quite large, and each point of the search space has to remember all those that have come before it. And as such, when you run the program, before it can get to the goal state, it runs out of memory trying to keep track of everything.

And when I say "runs out of memory", I don't just mean on my machine. I mean on the COGS network, which has 2gb of RAM (or was it 4) and won't have anything running on it, since it's very late. There is another way, but it'd make the program take forever. It involves outputting the goal state, and then doing a search for the state before the goal state. Tricky, eh? It'd recursively track back to the start. I'll try it......


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