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Back from the pub
I have much to say about today and yesterday. But it will have to wait until tomorrow when I can trust myself to write it correctly. Right now, I'm slightly the worse for wear. When you get to the point where you can't remember how many drinks you've had, it's generally a bad sign. However, just for you, I am spelling impeccably - I know how much it means to you all :o)

So anyhow, went to the pub. They said they'd be there at 8:00pm. I arrived at 7:55, and they weren't there. So I had a coke to keep me going. At 8:05, when they still weren't there, I had a double brandy to also keep me going. They arrived about 5 minutes later, and so we started playing pool. As always when having had drink, I sucked. Daniel beat me three times in the first game (see, I fouled on the black twice, but we played on, then he potted it finally). But it was jolly good fun all the same. Dan went on to beat both myself and Chris several times I think, but only because of the fact that when Chris is down to the black he stops trying hard and attempts to fluke pot it. The white went off the table several times as he tried to leapfrog other balls. Fun :o)

Anyhow, a few (and I can't quite remember how many) drinks later, some girls arrived and wanted to play pool. By this time, we'd played (I think) about 8 games between us, so we were ready to finish (it was about 10:30pm and all, so...). Anyhow, the pool table takes one 50p and one 20p (as the three of us knew). The girls asked how much it cost, and we said 70p, so they put down a 50p and two 10p's, muttering something about "I'm sure it'll accept 10s". Well it doesn't, as we know. And FACT: One of those girls (the blonde one) was very hot (either that, or I was very drunk, but since Chris agreed with me...). Anyhow, unknown to the other at the time, both Chris and I were thinking "Heh, they won't be able to play, but we have a 50p and a 20p on our table, so we can help them out". However, while Chris's plan was "Leave our money on the table, then help them out when they get stuck", my plan was "Take the money, pocket it, then when they get stuck rush over and help them out". So obviously I pocketted our money, much to Chris's annoyance, and prepared for them to find out that it wouldn't work. As luck would have it, the blonde one (i.e. the hot one) was the one who was putting the money in, while the brunette was getting some drinks in. Unfortunately for me, just as I was about to leap into action, the blonde went over and got a 20p piece from her purse, thus scuppering my plan. It was only outside while waiting for my father to come pick me up that I learned that Chris had a similar plan in mind. Great minds think alike, eh?

Anyhow, the moral of the story is, it's pointless trying to plan how you introduce yourself to girls, because the silly things do stuff so randomly that you can't predict things. Oh well. It was a good night, anyway. Especially when Dan insisted on paying for my drink as well as Chris's when it was his round (even though I offered to). What he didn't know was that my drinks (a double brandy and a coke) come to £6.10 per go, whereas his and Chris's come to £4.50 in total. He was somewhat pissed off at having to pay over a tenner for all of them (and I offered to pay - remember that). Oh well. A good night, nonetheless. And, on that note, goodnight :o)


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