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OK, time for me to resume talking and stuff...
Well, my sheer genius has once again been thwarted by my conscience. My rather beautifully executed VBScript MacroVirus that I was developing (although not intending to release at all - that would be bad) has been deleted. I've decided not to make it that way any more. I'm going to start from scratch, disabling any potential virus-like qualities. It will still be able to replicate itself, change settings, and then run the new version (which will delete the old one), thus making it polymorphic and almost impossible to guard against in a general sense. Which was nice. Only, people would abuse it, and I'd hate for somebody to get their hands on the code. So I've started again - this time it'll require me to build it differently - so it can't be messed about by anybody bad. Ho hum...

Anyway, yesterday I went up to the school. I wanted to know if they'd found our Chemistry papers yet (the ones which got lost en route to the exam board). They haven't, so I shan't be able to request those back from the school. Oh well, it was worth a shot. Spoke to Miss Galpin, who thinks that Matthew's B is due to him being too argumentative with teachers. Well, perhaps that's true, perhaps it isn't.... I also spoke to Mr Ryder, told him that the thank-you gift would be on its way soon. I also told him that he has been the best teacher I've had - things like that need saying from time to time, see...

Woohoo, only 6 days of work left now. Two of those are Fridays, so they don't count. So four more normal days of work to go. Thank goodness for that. Yet, despite being right at the end of my employment, I still have no f'ing computer... It ought to be coming either tomorrow or Monday (please let it be tomorrow). Um, anyway, on the work subject, my boss won't be there tomorrow. This is cause for celebration, because I don't have to be worrying so much about what I'm doing, and I can just get on with it all. I'll have to sort out the bottle rigs and stuff so that I can run tests on them, but that's not hard - some epoxy adhesive does the trick, which I've now learned to use properly. There was hardly anybody there today, what with the big agricultural show on in town, most people were at that instead. Just three of us in the actual factory area - 'twas a bit weird, really... Oh, and I've sorted out my pay, so they know I'm staying next week too, which is nice :o)

Went into town at lunch and got out some money. Some is to pay my mother back, some is for going to the pub tomorrow night. Another chance for me to drink a lot of brandy and get conned out of a lot of money, I think... Oh well, that's their good fortune, I guess. Should be fun - lots of playing pool, and after I've had a bit to drink, even Mike can beat me, so I ought to lose every game I play against Dan and Chris... Oh well.

I've started redesigning my NewsPoster. It will now run on Java (just as soon as I learn that, but I have started...) and be mostly (if not completely) text based. Right now, I'm planning to have it run as a sort of console, into which you type commands. It's basically very much like DOS, with a virtual directory structure for threads and groups. At the planning stage it looks very very nice, since the main problem I have with any newsreaders except Turnpike is that their GUIs suck a lot. This way, I'd not have a GUI - just plain good old text. Back to *real* Usenet. I doubt I'll put in binary support - I rarely use the things anyway, and since I'm not subscribed to binary groups, it'd be silly. Basically, this thing will rule. The problem is getting the replying seemlessly integrated into the DOS-style interface. Because, of course, in DOS you can't move the cursor up a line or anything. And I hesitate to bother using the mouse... Oh well. The plan so far looks good, so... :o)


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