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The fireworks were a bit naff. I preferred July 4th at Lakemont in Pennsylvania, really. Still, we got to see lots of stuff being burned, which was nice, I guess...

Anyhow, at the Duke of York's the other night (the "picture house", rather than the individual's home), I saw a trailer for a film I simply must see. It's an independent movie starring Anna Friel and Michelle Williams (whose identity I simply could not place throughout the trailer, until he name was shown at the end, but she was looking stunning - dark hair suits her), it's kind of a coming-of-age type drama. It also stars Kyle MacLachlan, who was Paul Atreides in David Lynch's Dune. It's written and directed by Sandra Goldbacher, who went to Sussex Uni, which is cool.

The film sees two friends in 1970s London Suburbia growing up, and stuff, then through the 80s, and them going to college and stuff. Specifically, them moving to Brighton and going to Sussex Uni. Apparently a lot of it was shot here (I must've missed that, I'd love to have been an extra, and get to wear 70s and 80s clothes), and there's references to the "picture house" (it's this really beautiful old cinema which still has a balcony box you can reserve) that we go to, which is neat.

Anyhow, on November 21st, which is two weeks from Wednesday, there's a special Gala preview, with the director/writer there, and hints that some of the cast (most likely minor parts, but still) may be there (and how cool would it be to see Jen from Dawson's Creek, or Paul Atreides - pity that those two are the least likely to be there). I am so going to that, I have to book my tickets for it tomorrow. Just from the trailer, I was dying to see this film, and now that I know that parts are set where I live and study, I want to see it even more. I can't wait :o)


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