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Trying to keep up...
There's the Lewes Fireworks tonight.... They generally explode a load of stuff, then burn an effigy of the pope, and then blow more stuff up. It's apparently the wildest fireworks party in the country, or something. I could go to that..... Dunno if I really want to, we'll see...

Then tomorrow is Tuesday, which means going clubbing with Lollo, Vicky, Claire, and people... Going to the Gloucester, in the hope that there will be good music - we can but hope. It's Indie, and Metal, and stuff... We'll just see though :o)

Then next monday, I'm seeing Sum 41 in concert at Brixton Academy, the same place I saw Live a while back. Let's see...
  • REM at Earl's Court (supported by Wilco)
  • The Corrs at Birmingham Arena (supported by Dakota Moon)
  • Live at the Academy (supported by Muse)
  • Semisonic at the Empire (supported by Reef, I think)
  • Everclear at the Astoria (forget who)
  • Lifehouse at the Borderline (supported by Zanderman)
  • Eminem & D12 at London Arena (supported by So Solid Crew)
  • Eminem & D12 at the Astoria (supported by 57th Dynasty)
  • D12 at the Astoria (supported by Outsidaz)
  • Sum 41 at the Academy (dunno yet)
Not a bad record for the last few years, although I could be doing better... Shame about all the crap music, but what can you do... Ed couldn't go alone, so...

Anyhow, I don't think I have anything else on in the evenings over the next week, but I never can be sure. I might go see the previews of Harry Potter at the weekend, I'm not sure... Might be worth it... Might not... I could always just wait until it comes out properly. We'll see.... :o)

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Count yourself lucky, I'm seeing D-12 again in February but you're not coming :-)

I hope you'll be supervised by an adult - those things are rather dodgy... All the dope and E and stuff...

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