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Sometime this weekend I should be doing a dinner and movie type thing, which should be cool... Most of the people I live with are either at home, or at Frisbee tournaments, or whatever... Oh well, so it looks like The Man Who Wasn't There, and Pizza Hut, but I dunno which order yet.... Harry Potter is previewing next weekend, and LotR is going to be released in December, so that's all good too... Ho hum... More later, like tomorrow, since I might get sleepy soon.....

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Frisbee tournaments? I wanna go :-)

It's cool, we get to go to Edinburgh, Southampton, France... All in the name of Ultimate Frisbee :o)

I have got to go do that!

At our uni, tons of girls play it.... Well, allegedly - I've only seen about two of them. The others seem to object to freezing temperatures and strong winds. Funny people... :o)

I'm all about having fun :-) weeeeeeeeee!

Probably could take some great pictures too! :-)

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