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Important Knowledge
I've started becoming philosophical about my life thus far. I'm about to move out and go to University - an occasion which I have thought about many times over the last 18 years. I feel it's only right to now look back on those moments which have made me who I am (the things that are to blame, if you will...), and think about where I'm going. That sort of thing. As a special feature of "Careful Thinking Week", I would like to share with you some of the things I've learned over these 18 years of being nurtured at home.

  • Long Distance Relationships simply do not work
  • You should never withdraw more money than you can afford to
  • One night stands do not deserve gifts, no matter how generous you are and no matter how much you've convinced yourself that you like them. That probably makes them prostitutes or something.
  • Love is not what you have at the time. It's what you remember
  • Never, and I want to make this very certain, Never book a hotel room any time when you may be drunk in the presence of girls you really don't want to be taking back there
  • Music is more important than people give it credit for
  • The word "Just" can stretch only as far as your father's tether will allow
  • Sometimes people change, sometimes it was just you and you never noticed
  • Trust girls rarely. Guys, never
  • Live without regrets. I've managed it the last 18 months, and it pays off
  • Enjoy life. When it's gone, you won't be around to say "Well at least I never got hurt"

That is all. My dad is being a git and commanding that I go up to bed. So I shall :o)

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(Deleted comment)
That is not so. I have the attitude that no matter how hard it would be, I'd be able to stick at any long distance relationship. It took three failed ones to finally make me decide that they don't work. Thus, the attitude wasn't responsible before.

And love is what you remember. At the time, I felt the same about Liz as I did with Karen. Then again, when I look back, I was in love with Karen, and most certainly not in love with Liz. At the time, you get caught up in things and can't tell. I'm sure once a relationship settles down, you can tell then - remember, mine have lasted 4 days, 6 hours, and 20 hours respectively (note: I knew them all prior to this - Karen for months, Alex for years, and Liz for weeks (hence my poor judgement)). Perhaps after the 4 day mark you can actually tell... :o)

Hush, music is very important. CDs are overpriced in general, but I'd pay a lot of money for some of the CDs I have.

Definition of a git:

"The poor so & so who has to try and get a certain person up in the morning so that he can go to work and earn a few pennies to allow him to buy Everclear tickets and programming books and various other stuff and hopefully having a few pennies left over for university"

And before anyone says anything I am well aware that my English was not up to my usual high standards. Not going to tell you where so if you don't spot it, ignore my admission

Re: Git (grammar)

repitition of the word and instead of using comas :o)

tsk eh?

Re: Git (grammar)

repitition of the word and instead of using commas :o)

tsk eh?

At least I only posted my message once.

Re: Git (grammar)

Well yes but my double posting was a game of spot the difference (excuse), check for spelling errors in one of them, I hit stop a tad to late see, just has a lovely ring of irony replying to a gramatical error with a double posted spelling error :o)

Then you ought to have tried catching the word "repetition" too ;o)

Re: Git (grammar)

shhhh :o)

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