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Wow, too long....
No, I'm not talking anatomical details. I am, in fact, talking about the length of time it is since I last put something up here. I'm really feeling quite ashamed... I didn't go into detail about yesterday, and I've not even touched it today. Well slap my wrists and call me Edgar...

Anyway, the sleep deprivation is catching up with me. Not been to bed earlier than midnight since Thursday, and it's all beginning to take its toll. Tonight, I'm hoping to be a little earlier - I'll probably go up after finishing this update (unless the lovely Katie is still available for chatting to, in which case...). Anyhow, I looked for some books on PHP3 today. Found nothing. The bastards. Decided that, in actual fact, my real calling was to ASP anyway, so I bought a book on VBScript. This has two functions - firstly, you can run lots of server-side scripting with VBScript, and secondly, it works nicely for my evil masterplan. What's that, I hear you ask? Well basically, it involves the creation of... well... not a computer virus, as such. But some form of self-replicating application. And to do that, if I wanted to edit the code which goes into it, I would need a completely interpretted language - no compiling at all. And VBS is probably the only one that can do that. In this way, I can have the program's outer subroutine modify the inner code, relaunch itself, and thus replicate itself based on new information. Just the first of my many steps to world domination through a total invasion of intelligent agents. Quite why I'm using Microsoft software as a basis for that, I do not know. All I know is that if I used Linux, I'd only be ruler of the geeks, not a title I especially covet...

Anyway, the new computer really really really ought to be coming this week. And soon this week too. Otherwise I shall be cross. No, more than cross. Livid, is a word which springs to mind. So anyway, this evening, I've been programming a nice new HTML editor. It uses the Internet Explorer control for VB (for simplicity), and has a large text box above it. Basically, it divides the screen in two - the code and the actual page. You then hit a button which saves the page, and reloads the browser. In this way, you can basically just keep on checking how things look at the touch of a button, rather than saving, swapping out, refreshing, swapping back in, changing etc. It's neat, and saves time, so...

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*slap* ASP *slap* is not *slap* the *slap* way forward *slap*

ASP *slap* isn't *slap* anything *slap* you go and *slap* your mouth out with *slap* soapy *slap* water *slap*

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