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Dude, it's way too early for this... It's, like, 11:20am... Emphasis on the "am" part.

In recent news, I managed to convince our galaxy in PA to exile the guy who'd been annoying me. In round three, in a similar situation, said kid became GC, and I didn't want that this round, so I just convinced everybody that we don't want him with us. I have rather good powers of persuasion on account of the charisma thing that I use sometimes, so he's now gone. So last night Chas and I found his new location, and roided him to oblivion for bothering us on the Politics board.

Anyhow, the plan for the rest of today is to go in to Uni, complete my Stats project for everybody, hand it in, then go to my single lecture on a Monday. Stats at 3pm, if I recall correctly. Should be simple enough, I think.... Dunno what I'm doing tonight - I wanted to go to the pub, then to the Honey Club, but I may not do that now. My head is still really hurting, although the lump has gone down now...

More later, inevitably.


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