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Did lots today, but I don't have time to go into it all. Mostly, watched American Pie 2 - I loved it. It really was great, although (obviously) it reminded me of Jen a lot. I say obviously, because the entire soundtrack is pretty much all the rock stuff that was around in America when I was out there. The soundtrack track listing goes something like:
1. Every Time I Look For You - Blink 182
2. Scumbag - Green Day
3. Bring You Down - Left Front Tire
4. Vertigo - American Hi-Fi
5. (I'm Gonna) Split This Room In Half - Uncle Kracker
6. Be Like That - 3 Doors Down
7. Good (For A Woman) - Alien Ant Farm
8. Always Getting Over You - Angela Ammons
9. Cheating - Jettingham
10. Smokescreen - Flying High
11. Phoebe Cates - Fenix*TX
12. Susan - The Exit
13. Fat Lip - Sum 41
14. I Will - Lucia
15. Halo - Oleander
Other songs in the movie:
In Too Deep - Sum 41
Flavor of the Week - American Hi-Fi
Those songs with significance or that just remind me are in italics. So like, I kept getting reminded. For anybody who has seen the movie, the point at which the chorus to "Be Like That" comes in was just really emotional for me, for reasons that become apparent.

Anyhow, it's time for bed now - David is already fast on his way to being asleep (i.e., he's snoring already). It's cute how Laura seems to have told him he doesn't snore - he quite blatantly does ;o)

Ah, this song is kinda apt right now, thanks to daylight savings time :o)

Loved speaking to Jen on the phone earlier - it was great just to hear Michael and Garrett's voices, if only briefly. And her giggles. Ahh, I miss her tons. My sweet darling Jen Jen... *sigh*

G'night all :o)

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Teenage Riot is apparently in it too...

But I probably won't see it because I hated the first so much. Maybe that was just because everyone said it was much better than any non-Kevin Smith film could ever be so it was a let down, but people are saying the sequel is better so I'm sure I'll hate it just as much if no more.

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