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This evening
David and I met a certain Mr David Lees. Are those of you from AGGTA impressed?

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I would be impressed if you took some pics of him :)

I'd be impressed if you hit him a few times.

He as annoying in real life as he is on usenet? No don't answer that, I won't believe you whatever you say ;-)

I had a chat with James and he said he's very nervous

I'd be nervous too if I'd just me Lees ;-)

Nick my cunting idea, you sod.

Bet you used my map, as well, eh? Actually, I think I took that home with me that time. Anyway, very cool. Was I right re: ethnicity?

Re: Nick my cunting idea, you sod.

I got a new map on the 'net. But I knew where the road was anyway, it's in an area I happen to know.

What were your thoughts re: ethnicity anyway?

Re: Nick my cunting idea, you sod.

That he is of Chinese origin. Remember? You gave me a funny look at the time and seemed confused.

Re: Nick my cunting idea, you sod.

No, he is not. Sorry.

(Deleted comment)
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