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Some, like, things
Back from the pub, after going to the 6 Bells with Phil and Matthew. Did the quiz. Aimed for 9th place to win a bottle of wine, but overshot in the downward direction and hit 11th instead. It was fun though...

Good day at work, the usual crap. Ho hum, only 9 more days of it though. Had a weird dream last night where it was suddenly discovered that Lisa (from my Chemistry class - I won't say which, because Phil knows both and I don't want him knowing) and I were the perfect couple. Upon discovering this, she immediately fell in love with me. It was a pleasant dream, I have to say. Ho hum...

Erm, anyway, bought some books. One on VB6, one on ASP, one on Java. Fun.

Just got a text message saying "This usually never works for me. Usually". Mysterious. And now I'm off to bed. Goodnight

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Say that word once more...and I'll, I'll...

Next time your fingers somehow spell out the words: "Ho" and "Hum" in the same sentence...I shall swear...and loudly. :)

Re: Say that word once more...and I'll, I'll...

You can't do anything about that. That's his phrase. He uses it A LOT . . his hands just.... type it! "Ho Hum" . . Hey, it's not that bad. :-) You don't think it's cute??!?!?! You're nuts.

Re: Say that word once more...and I'll, I'll...

The only time I write that is when you're far away. So I need not worry about hearing it...

Ho hum... :o)

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