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Ha, I win
Tom hadn't done the write-up yet, so he's told me that I can do that for him. Oddly enough, that's doing both him and me a favour - everybody wins. Except Mice. She's going to lose twice - first when she finds out that I've actually done work so she can't complain about me, and second when she gets thrown from a third floor window by a freak gust of wind and not in any way my arms while talking to me.

Anyhow, just had my ILP seminar - it's all easy really... Logic is so... well... Logical. And as somebody who understands logic (despite the fact that I rarely apply it to my own life), this means that I can actually, you know, do the stuff.

Okay, I've just had the results of the stats project mailed to me now - so now I can do it. But I think I'll go find David first, because he's either lost, or locked in the house or something. Later kids :o)


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