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And so another day begins...
When I left this morning, David was in the shower, so he's just going to hang around the house for a bit, and then go out into Brighton for a wander. Then, once my lessons and stuff are finished, I'll give him a call and go find where he's lost himself.

Anyhow, plans for today are uncertain - perhaps a movie this afternoon, if there's anything good showing. The last (and only) thing we ever went to together was Mission Impossible 2, so that won't be hard to top. Then we have a top-secret mission, but alas I cannot give you details of that until afterwards, for fear of compromising our goals. But it'll be fun :o)

Right now, I have to find a short annoying tart who voluntarily takes on the name of a rodent, and bitch-slap her into next week for messing me about on our project (basically, she's made it impossible for me to work on it, and has now finished it and is having a go because I did nothing - well, if she'd given me more than 20 minutes notice before our little project meetings, I might have been able to attend - as it was, I was in London yesterday, so...). More later :o)


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