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So, our evening...
Well, we went out in the end, after pizza.... We went to the pub in the lanes that is built out of an old church or something - we like the sacriligious implications of that... :o)

Anyhow, we both had a blue vodka WKD, which is meant to glow in UV light, but there wasn't any, so that was a crock of proverbial... They tasted okay enough, I guess... Then we left, since the "live act" was a guy with a bad voice and a guitar. And a harmonica - thankfully, we arrived after his first rendition using it, and left before his second. We rule :o)

We then went for a little jaunt on the pier, as one does.... First time I've actually been on the pier, as it goes - it seemed okay enough. We also went to the beach for a bit - the moonlight reflecting on the ocean was impressive...

Then we more or less just came home. Not a lot to tell, really :o)

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Mmmm... More, more! ;o)

It glows under uv light? :O

oh my god :D

how very cool, i will have to try this at work..

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