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Okay then
My "Day of Terror", as I shall refer to it, didn't end when I went to bed at around midnight. I lay vaguely awake for the next 6 hours, being tortured variously by my subconscious, my conscious, my conscience, the temperature in my room, the knowledge that I couldn't sleep, the knowledge that I had to sleep, and so on...

But then I slept for about 90 minutes straight, and that was good. So I'm now on my way to Uni, and then off to pick up David from whatever part of London he's inevitably lost in, which ought to be fun. Then it's off to bully some landmarks and take amusing photographs just so we can do a featurette on "David and James Do London", and then it's back to here. Of course, I have no (real) food in, so I'm guessing our first meal will be of the cheese based Italian circular kind.

So let's see, 9:15am is my voluntary workshop on Diff Eqns, because I missed the last one (accidentally), and I don't want to fall behind. Then I have a couple of AI type things, which are both way too easy, but there's nowt I can do about that. Then London baby, yeah ;o)

Right, so, I'd best be off. More updates later, I'm sure :o)


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