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So, another day...
Listened to Look Forward To Failure quite a bit today, since it's so bloody good. Ignoring the fact that I downloaded all the songs on it months ago (except one, where I only had the acoustic version), it was a good buy. The Ataris are one of those good bands, who actually like listeners more than money, since they provide a ton of free downloads of their music and videos and stuff. Which is, ironically, why I like giving them my money - they deserve it more than the people who don't do that. Or something :o)

I read some of my Prolog book - not much, just enough to put me about 5 lectures ahead of the rest of the class. That's a couple of weeks that I've now not got to try so hard in. If only sorting out my math was that easy... I dunno how I'm going to manage with this module, and if there's even more of this Differential Equations shit to come this year, I might seriously consider a change in my major. In theory it's not yet too late. Then again, of course, after this year, that's it for Diff Eqns - I can do Stats and AI in my final year, and I may not even have to do any math for it.

Anyhow, yeah, other lectures have been easy - just the sodding Diff Eqns stuff annoying me right now. Got a Stats project to work on tomorrow, which should be suitably annoying.

In other news, I've been reading my new Discworld book - it's very good, although somewhat short. But it's meant to be, so that's okay... Fun fun...

That's about it for now, I think.....

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where is jamie, where is jamie?

not online! not online!

i wish he would call me, i wish he would call me...

Jamie was trapped offline by Evil James who was on the phone to Sweden for, like, forever... Remind me to hurt him later... :o)

you were supposed to finish my song =(

Aww, oops, sorry sweetie :o)


Um, I can't think of a good rhyme though :o(

well neither can i..... =)

Phew... I'm off the hook then :o)

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