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Holy Sh........
I was woken up this morning by a ring on the doorbell. I open the door, and there's three enormous parcels there waiting for me. Everything I've ordered over the last little while has come at once - the Ataris posters, stickers, and copy of "Look Forward to Failure" arrived, which was cool. Then also, my copy of the new Terry Pratchett book came, which I'll have to give some serious reading to later when I have time. Then also, my massive (and expensive) Prolog text book also arrived. I dunno why they make textbooks so expensive, when it's the poorest of people (students) who have to buy them.....

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Tell me about it.
Especially when they insist that you buy these books, and then you don't need them after all... *grumble*

Ours are optional, I just thought it'd help me. It has - I've just covered the lecture material for the next month in a couple of hours of reading. More lie-ins :o)

Yeah dammit. The school-official bookstores are always the most expensive too.

$400 per semester= insane
$400+ per semester= science or math major

Re: penniless students

Oh, I normally find I only have to spend about $60 per year - most of the books are available in the library and stuff, so I only need the books that I'm going to annotate and take with me to places...

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