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"It's times like this I miss dating a lesbian..."
What is Holden McNeil's problem? Gah! I can sit through Chasing Amy forever, and for a long time in it I can see myself in Holden. The first time I saw it, for the first half of the movie, I thought "Woah, that's me!". There's just a lot of me in him / him in me. So yeah, anyway, then just before the end, he turns into such a tit, and I can't help but scream at the TV. That's when I leave the room - I simply can't watch him destroying his life....


Listening to Bach at the minute, I downloaded a load of things the other week... Specifically, Pachebel's Canon in D. The name didn't ring a bell when I downloaded it, but now that I listen to it I remember that it's what Jen played a lot on the keyboard when I was in America. Makes me sad to listen to it, so I think I'll go listen to a load of Handel - that always makes me happy :o)

I had some cool dreams... One where I went to stay with Jen (I keep dreaming about her, which is good, until I have to wake up), and one where I was a cool secret agent type guy. Which was fun :o)

I checked my bank balance, and almost died - I still have enough to live on, but less than I'd like. Then I remembered that as it goes, Jimbo owes me £44, and the other three owe me £24 each, so... That's an extra £15 per week for the rest of the term now. So actually, you know, I'm a lot better off than I looked. I have to subtract from that the cost for signing up to be a Broadband Whore with BTOpenWorld, but still..... :o)


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