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Ah, this isn't fair...
My weekends are going far too quickly here. It's just absolutely stupid. I would swear it still feels like Saturday, even though I am reliably informed that it is in fact Sunday afternoon. Oh well. I think it's partly staying up too late which does it - I sleep in and miss half the day, which in turn leaves me with, like, no Sunday at all. Oh well, I shall cope...

Kit very kindly sent me the source code to EasySign98, so I've been playing with that a bit. There's not much I can do, since it's vastly more complex than I could ever manage (the bright little git). Ho hum.... I can at least change the layout, and a few variables... Ho hum... :o)

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(Deleted comment)
You'd have to ask him, really :o)

The first thing I did after I got it was to disable the check for the registration code. I commented out many lines of code, and just exchanged them for CheckRegCode = True. That made things much better :o)


Hello,Jim.I am Spacemonkey's friend.He is NOT a stalker of any type,please do not assume he is a stalker.Please also can you not ignore him and give him a chance,

No. Sorry.

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