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What a difference a year makes...
Just had my first Introduction to Logic Programming seminar... It's taken by the same lecturer that took my Foundations of Artificial Intelligence seminars last year, but I didn't make an impression at all throughout the whole first term. However, in the first seminar, she now knows my name. Previously, I was way too shy to actually participate much in the seminars, so I just nodded at appropriate times, and that's about it. This time, I was volunteering to answer questions, putting demonstrations on the board and stuff, all the sorts of things that clearly require more confidence than I had a year ago. I think I know which particular experience to thank for that....

Anyhow, yeah, Logic is great fun. Today I demonstrated the following Predicate definition:
It's simple enough, but it seemed hard in the lecture. It's a means of asserting that two people who go to the same party will play together. You build up a load of relationships and stuff, and it's all good...

Watched some of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory earlier - I still love that film... <boast> I met Roald Dahl once, on account of how he came into my school to give a talk to the Writer's Club there. Of course, this was before I was that large a fan (I was but a very small child), so I didn't appreciate it as much as I should have...</boast>

Hmm.... Now to do something productive with my day. Let me think.......

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ooo, logic programming.

hmm, lemme rephrase that.

urgh, logic programming ;-)

I did discrete maths in my first year at uni, but decided it wasn't for me, so didn't do the follow up course in the second year (basically prolog).

I love Prolog. I want its babies. It's such a cool programming language. Well, actually, it's a bit pants for doing much in at this stage, but still, I understand it very well, better than most, it seems. Which gives me a great edge :o)

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