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Well, that was fun...
Played some Frisbee, played some Football, got cut on my hand and my leg from it (the frisbee is very sharp and rough), and I feel knackered. But still, it was fun. We played on a strip of grass between the two main roads in and out of the city center, which was fun - especially those times when we almost threw the frisbee or kicked the football straight into the sides of buses - however, we didn't hit anything, or anybody, so yay :o)

I should eat soon - food is good, and stuff... I'm thinking nachos, or some such similarly easy thing to make. In the meantime, I can just eat NutriGrain bars, and perhaps some toast or something... I need more butter soon though, and I think I may be out of bread. Ho hum, I'll sort something...

Update: And heading the ball with an eyebrow piercing is now on my Not To Do... list.


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