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Ho hum
Apparently Winnie the Pooh said "Ho Hum" a lot - perhaps that's where I get it from... More investigation is certainly needed...
Anyone, caught in your mystery
Keep it angry
Keep it whispy
I've fallen down
Drunk on your juices
It's great, now my guitar is tuned down half a step to Eb, I can play that with the exact notes I'm meant to, rather than it always being one note too high. It sounds much better, actually, I'll record it tomorrow.

My housemates can be such fools sometimes - they've lost the remote immediately after finding the "Child Lock" button on it, which means they can't watch videos on my VCR until they find the remote control again. I am vaguely displeased at this fact.... Oh well.

Time for some chocolate from the fridge (I have lots), and then sleep. Yummy :o)


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