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Oh, and lectures...
Lectures are good... Diff Eqns, I still can't do, and can't be arsed with trying any more. There's just too much learning I have to do just to vaguely keep up each lecture, so I'm already resigned to losing a few marks on those papers...

Stats is good - still behind where I got up to at a-level, which means two years ago I taught myself the stuff that the lecturers are teaching the rest of my classes, which makes me feel rather smug...

Intro to Logic rules, just because Prolog is such a neat language - you need programming languages which can treat input as data or code, and which can act recursively and find multiple solutions to problems if you're ever going to spawn artificial life. Picture this - a self replicating piece of software whose genetic algorithms for this replication which controls the neural nets involved, relied on Prolog, which would then be able to return every conceivable child code given a set of rules, and be able to then work with relationships between these pieces of software. Ultimately, you would have the software wholly able to modify its own code, and grow without any static components. Each static piece of code, no matter how small, is an anchor to linear systematic programming, which I'm trying to avoid in favour of the mad scientist approach :o)

But that's all future stuff... Right now, it's a matter of exploring the possibilities of AI with Java, just implementing the stuff we learned last year. Which would be my Symbolic AI course. Mind, today, we just did a history of AI throughout the ages, which was highly entertaining what with all the diversions and tangents and stuff. Good fun :o)

So yes, Uni is good. Sleep is also good. Goodnight.


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