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Watched a few things tonight... Two To Tango, which I've already mentioned... Then the second half of Stephen King's "It", which sucked ass a lot. After that, I watched Doctor Who: Planet of Fire, since technically it's the most significant of the later ones that I've not seen - Peri arrives, Turlough leaves... It has the wonderful line in it
The Master: I am the Master
Peri: Yeah? So what! I'm Perpigilliam Brown and I can shout just as loud as you can!
Magic :o)

I also watched the spoof "Doctor Who's Lust in Space", a trial thing where they accuse the series of being sexist. Featuring appearances from a rather old Katy Manning, plus Sophie Aldred during the time when she was slightly more masculine than she was perhaps meant to be, and Nicholas Courtney who has aged a lot in the 15 odd years since he was last in the show... Oh well.... It sucked a lot, but it was interesting in places, so....

Anyhow, sleep soon :o)


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