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Apparently, when I turn my speakers up to halfway, my father watching TV in the living room (i.e. far away) can hear it, and gets cross and screams at me... Heh.... :o)

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Not as bad as my Creative 4-Point Speaker things... My subwoofer sometimes picks up German radio stations in the evening. Which, as you can imagine, is quite scary when you are sat at your PC and the all of a sudden you get the faint whispering's of "Ja! Das ist..."

This is a well-known problem with these speakers and I got an Email from Creative saying they were aware of the problem and that I could change it if I wished.

That was interesting... :)

Re: Aufweidersehn...Pet

Same as mine. But mine have yet to intercept German communications :o)

Re: Aufweidersehn...Pet

Wow, i've never heard of that before.

nein! Auf dem dritten seite

so, what do you say?

don't mention zeeee var

I heard about this and it is caused to some loop in the electrical wires that makes the loop pick up foreign comms.I think,read that some where some while ago

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