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Between lectures...
Not got much time - I'm between my Intro to Logic lecture, and my Symbolic AI lecture, sat in the COGS labs, just wishing away the time until I can go home...

Anyhow, so yeah, Logic is actually fun - it's programming in Prolog, which is all nice and relational and stuff, and it's just a bunch of nodes connected by conditions and things - it's all good. Except bits of it are rather mind-blowing for programmers, for instance, the ability of it to do this:



Which basically means, X is an ancestor of Y if either
  1. It is Y's parent, or
  2. It is the parent of an ancestor of Y
This recursive logic actually holds, and you can get the program to do a depth-first search through the space of all the nodes, in order to find out about relationships. It's really weird, and potentially iffy in terms of infinite loops and stuff...

Anyhow, next is Symbolic AI, which is actually AI For Java, retitled. I've already made a start on the first project for it, even though we're not given it for another few weeks, and it's not due in for ages yet - can't hurt to get a grasp of how to do it early on, can it?

Anyway, not a lot else going on right now - just waiting for my lecture. My last one finished at 1:20pm, the next one starts at 2pm - just enough time that I have to find something to do, but not enough that I can really do much... Very annoying, really :o)

Right, well, I may as well stop abusing the Uni computers, and do something productive, like try to find out how to use this Prolog thing that's meant to be on the PCs here :o)


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