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No offence to America, but...
... half your citizens aren't half bloody stupid... A country whose residents think that a 13 year old and a 16 year old dating is acceptable needs help. Or that might just be particular to New Jersey - that's not so hard to believe... Now, can we all spell "pedophile"?

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You obviously cant,
40 yo dating 37 as bad,
Hmmmm just open your mind ffs.

correct spelling is paedophile Jim

I knew that, but since I'm talking about Americans, I thought I'd spell it their way just so they knew what I was on about. I'd hate them posting messages saying "What does paedophile mean?"

Gaz, you have opened my eyes. I shall immediately start looking for girls with my exact birthday. It's the only way...

Greendragon, are you one of these Slipknot kind of freaky mask wearers?

The US has a lot to answer for.

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