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What a difference a year makes...
I have my new Student Card... Comparing this year's with last year's, it's interesting to see how little I've changed in many ways... I look very much the same, in my opinion...

Ho hum.... And look, it's still Jen's birthday! Yay :o)

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Aww... Compared to the vision of beauty I can see on the webcam right now? I'm thinking not :o)

I agree with Jen. :-)

Is it sheer coincidence that Crimewatch UK is on as I type this?

No, you'll see me a little later in the program.

You've lost weight I beleive

Oddly enough, no... Well, sort of... Over the 9 months after the first picture was taken I lost a lot of weight - over the 3 months before the second one was taken, I gained it all back. But it's gone elsewhere, apparently...

My bizzare maternal pride is welling up in baby %0/ ( this a screwed up awww, touched by the emotion face) Hey i have that picture of you in year 7, its almost identical. Btu I haven't changed since then either. Yes, Yes the height I know...

Um, no, I look nothing like I did back in Year 7 - my face was like totally different, and my hair made me practically unrecognisable :o)

You look even more like a football hooligan now.

Let's see the latest pictures of you, geek boy ;o)

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