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Gah, stupid thing...
Thanks to the sheer idiocy of trains, and the station in general, I didn't manage to get to my 10:15am lecture, despite my best efforts. Oh well, live and learn... My head has only just stopped hurting from getting dressed - I must remember that now I have a bar through my eyebrow, I can't just pull clothes on over my head - owwie :o)

So instead, I'm just going to go to my 11:30am one, my 2pm one, and then go register for SMS. Alternatively, I won't go to my 2pm lecture, and use that time for registration, since it means I'll get ahead of the queues of freshers, or whoever the hell registers today... I even have passport photos ready for them to stick on my NUS card... They're not as bad as I had feared :o)

So really, it's another one-lecture-day for me. Then tomorrow, I'm finished by 12:30pm, and then it's the weekend. So hooray :o)


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