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What a weird dream
I dreamed that I went to Grant's house with Katie, which was novel because Grant is never around... Oh well. He was telling me something about his latest game, and wanted to get his mother to sing to us. So Katie and I ran away, and met up with Daniel. We went to this pub/bar type thing, and I got a job there, so I gave them free drinks. Then all these guys came in, and we left. The end. Weird as hell :o)

Incidentally, Trav got punched last night. I'm trying to find details, but when Phil keeps going offline, it's not so easy.... Oh well... Um, anyway, right now things are occuring. David is pissed off, stuff like that. He keeps telling me how amazing Mel is - FFS David, I know exactly how amazing she is, you blind fool... Duh... In other news, I want to dye my hair or something, but can't think of a color to do it that won't get me fired... :o)


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