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Well, looks like I'm back...
So this is what Windows 2000 looks like. Right. Okay, well, it's nice and all, but where are the differences? The only significant improvement on these Uni computers that I can see is that they now use Internet Explorer, rather than NutScrape Aggravator. Which is quite something, since Netscape was always crashing.... You know things are bad when you start seeing IE as being stable by comparison...

Another change they've made is new e-mail - they have webmail now (which is a shame, since it was fun to have the advantage over everybody else of knowing how to telnet onto the servers to retrieve my mail from home), and they've scrapped Siren Mail (which sucked) in favour of Mulberry Mail (which sucks). Frankly, I've pulled nicer GUIs out of my arse, although not in the public setting of the computer rooms...

Anyway, Vicky is off galavanting somewhere right now so she's not coming to the lecture, which leaves me with Mice and Claire. Oh well, it could be worse... I'll have to see when they're arriving, so that I can meet up with them - it beats sitting around in the lecture on my own.

Ah, but I can't contact them, because as per, the University sucks all life out of my mobile phone and I don't have any signal. Oh well, it's "waiting around until they arrive" time, I think. Later, kiddies :o)

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Well you're probably only allowed to login under a normal user in Win2k and not Administrator.

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