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Oh bollocks
It occurs to me now (finally) that me drinking a litre of coke before bed is a bad thing. Caffeine seems to affect me more than other people, perhaps because until about the age of 17 I never ever drank coke, coffee, tea, anything, ever. So I have a low tolerance. Anybody who wants to dispute that claim should see me after half a bottle of Jolt... Maybe Jen will tell you how bad that is :o)

I've spent most of tonight lying in bed, trying to sleep, watching various TV shows, eating mousse, and drawing. Bear in mind, the picture below was done a couple of years ago (well, Jan 2000), before I had any idea how eyes are meant to look. Tomorrow while I'm at Uni I'm going to buy some paper, some pencils, and stuff, and get drawing again. First thing to do is to redo that picture properly. Then I need to find a scanner. I'm seriously considering buying one, actually... If I can find a cheap one :o)

Anyhow, more later, I guess - today is going to be a long day - I've already been awake 16 hours :o)

Update: This just in from my sister...
You are mean. And mad. But mostly mean.
Yes. Yes I am. And then this
I hate you *so* much right now...
Muahahaha... She was being an insolent mortal fool, so I put The Sound of Music in her head.


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