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With the new season fast approaching us here in the UK, here's how things have to be.

Firstly, Ross isn't ever gonna end up with Rachel. Too much water under the bridge, they've missed their chance at happiness, and that one is just finished with. The whole incident when Chandler and Monica announced their engagement showed that it's not emotional any more, it'd just be about the sex.

Also, Joey and Phoebe, despite both being ditzy, are not suited. They're just not, they're so much better just as friends. So here's how it goes - Phoebe and Ross will hook up. There's clearly a chemistry there, as was hinted in (I think) the one with all the flashbacks. Whichever one ended up with Ross and Phoebe on a gaming table together. So obviously, those two will get it on.

Then clearly Rachel and Joey should get together - just think how pretty the kids would be! They'd be the most beautiful couple, and they'd get on so well - they're just perfectly suited, as was proved when they were living together and stuff. Look, that's just how it is... Chandler and Monica can stay together, because I've stopped caring much about their characters. But Joey needs to be with Rachel. It's weird how Joey has become my favourite character - I think it's because Chandler just stopped being so funny somewhere along the line.... Oh well... :o)

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ross and joey
rachel and phoebe



Hell yes :o)

But we'll never get that lucky. And Joey could do better ;o)

...ok, so according to my mate, who is a nutter with all 7 series so far of friends on DVD, Rachel goes out with Brad Pitt (makes that acting easy, eh), and gets pregnant (because Aniston is(?)) via Ross(!).

This sounds like bullcrap though, but I didn't make it up...

G'ah this f**king thing won't post... appologies for any duplicates.

It all sounds about right, just, Ross and Rachel could never have, you know, done it... Well, not lately, anyway... We'd have known.

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