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It's all good, if you would stop the world from making sense...
And if I could just realise it doesn't really matter...

Where was I? Oh, yes, so, I dunno what time my lectures start tomorrow.... I have one at 11:30, but the website explicitly says that that particular lecture starts in Week 2, but then a notice board in the maths area just says "All lectures start in Week 1", so I'm not sure...

David will be home from school soon, so I'll give him a call in a bit... Then going out tonight.... Ah, I have a plan for the day now, albeit a very vague one :o)

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Well yeah, that's what I was thinking, but then I thought for a while, and realised that if it is this week, it won't be difficult stuff, just a recap on what we did last term. And since I missed last term, really, it'd be useful to be there :o)

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