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What once was gold...
Shit happens to the nicest people, which is why the world just totally sucks...

In other news, Jimbo and I went shopping earlier, and I actually bought meat for my Tacos, so I can, you know, make them now. Also bought a ton of sweet things, for pudding tonight, after our big house meal. We're ordering in pizza (for the umpteenth time, in my case), which should be very yummy - Dominos does such nice pizza, and they deliver it free straight to us, which rules :o)
Then, like, out of nowhere, tim just, like, totally said something
>wats trolled?....will u please just tell me the serial code on the back of
>the cd case...thanx

Go away, lest I bugger you
The Unknown James
That being straight out of AGTS... It's very much straight to the point, I think.... I love winding up the trolls.... Maybe I should go back and annoy AGGTA.......


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