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Just a quick project before bed
And this is it:

Much more simple than anything David ever does, but I happen to rather like simplicity, so that's okay. I've not yet populated the menu, but I will just as soon as I've decided on a structure for the content. Mosly, it's just a test of the CSS and images and stuff. Anybody who experiences any problems with compliance etc., just let me know - making universal webpages is for people who care about Netscape users, not me ;o)

In other news, I finished Max Payne - when Dirk said it'd take 5 days, he really meant it... Oh well, I had great fun doing it, and it has a lot of replay value, which is good. Heck, I might even play with the tutorial, since I've yet to try that :o)

People are all moving in tomorrow - I've cleaned the living room and kitchen especially for that, since parents will probably accompany all arrivals, and we must impress them :o)

Anyway, it's late, and my bed is calling out to me, in a language only I can understand and with a voice that only I can hear. The sun is lighting up the eastern sky like a gasoline soaked blanket, and birds are singing incomprehensible songs to the fast departing moon. And I've been too engrossed in Noir-esque dialogue to be able to talk properly. So goodnight :o)

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The turorial is the best level!

Oh well, I had great fun doing it, and it has a lot of replay value

Who you trying to kid eh?

You - clearly I must try harder.

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