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Nacho, Nacho Man!
Yes, and now my mouth is burning, I think... That'll teach me to choose "Hot Salsa" in the store - those Jalapeño Peppers sure do add spice to the thing, and I have no vanilla milkshake to help me (long story kids :o)

So yeah, I made myself nachos, from some of the cheese I have (I have lots of cheese, more than you can perhaps ever imagine), and some busted up Tacos (I have like 30 shells, I don't need that many, so...) and chucked them in the oven on a random heat level. Worked out okay though, they tasted great, with tons of salsa (which, as I've said before, I don't eat).

And the other great thing - no washing up, not a bit. Just throw away the foil, and that's that. Hooray :o)

I'm gonna weigh so much - I've promised :o)


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