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Party at mine...
Bring your own alcohol, I ain't sharing...

So yes, as it goes, the house is mine, and only mine for the rest of today, tonight, and the first part of tomorrow. Alex has gone home for the weekend to fetch a load more stuff, and nobody else has moved in yet... So it's mine, all mine, and therefore, I should probably cook something while there's nobody around to laugh when it goes wrong. If I go out and buy some meat, I'll make myself tacos for tonight, although to be honest, tacos are the sort of food that are best made for many many people. So perhaps I'll wait until we have a flat meal and I cook for people, or something...

Feeling much better after sleep - I dunno what runs through my head sometimes, but whatever it is, it sends me a little loopy - feel free to ignore any babblings I may have babbled :o)

Yesterday's sandwich still has me pretty full - you wouldn't think it possible, but it really is. If anybody wants me to make them one to prove it sometime, just say so :o)

And now, time to put some clothes on - just because I can walk around the house naked doesn't mean that I should - somebody might surprise me by arriving a day early :o\

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Okay, I'll make you one. But you have to collect it ;o)

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