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My PC desk is now properly sorted out, thus:

The other desk

Okay, so on the desk next to the computer desk, we have my printer, my discman, and not much else - I still need to do something with that desk... We'll see though, I might just leave it as it is and obscure it with various junk from around my room. Then on the main computer desk, obviously we have my computer, my phone, and a few other things... Then I have racks of CDs, divided into two sections - CDs I listen to, and CDs I just own. The ones I listen to are basically the following: Live, Lifehouse, New Found Glory, Sum 41, The Ataris, The Offspring, Tonic, Stroke 9, Sugar Ray, Blink 182, Uncle Kracker, James, Dire Straits, and Bill Hicks.

CDs and DVDs

Then above those CDs I have my DVD collection. At present, this collection includes: Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: Insurrection, Friends 7.1, Friends 7.2, Snatch, Fight Club, Being John Malkovich, The Shawshank Redemption, Air Force One, Analyze This, South Park the Movie, The Faculty, American Beauty, Blade Runner, Dogma, Remembrance of the Daleks, Scream 3, The Mummy, Cult Kids Classics, Rainbow, and the Whole Nine Yards. I love my DVDs :o)

Books etc.

Then also in my room we have my feeble selection of books - just ASP, VBScript, and Java books for my courses and stuff. Oh, and next to those I have my video of Clerks. Between the video and the DVDs is the clock that Annie left me when she went back home to America, on account of how she couldn't fit everything in. I love that clock :o)

Oh, and then next to the books would be my orange and green gloop things. Further explanation will not be provided :o)

I dunno why I just went through all that - I guess it's because I'm a little bored - I think I might go eat, then trot off to university to check out my timetable. The station is just a couple of minutes walk from where I am, and the trains go to the Uni station quite often, so that works out quite well.... Now, what to eat.......

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ahhh, the nutshell series. Staple diet of midnight coders everywhere..

oh yeah.. slag


If you keep saying things like that, I might cry... More...


I never saw myself as a bully figure before.

To be honest, you don't pull it off all to well, whore ;o)

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