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I am scared
I have just witnessed this shocking revelation...
+H3 p3N9UInS arE c0MiN9.
+H3IR R493 1$ TeRRI8l3 t0 BEh0lD, @ND Th3y w1ll 5mIte 4LL Th3 l4merS, AnD 4lL +3h 4OL u$ers.
I am already shopping for canned food, and making my way to the shelter....

In slightly more sane news, I've done something. But I can't tell you what yet. But I like it :o) And in other news, I bought a new guitar lead, which is very good, and works, and is red (made by Horizon, if that makes sense to anybody else). Anyway, that is all for now...

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And respect them. If they think you are hostile, they may well be tempted to you special secret ninja penguin attack moves on you.

Which is anything but pleasant.

Simon Weston? Pengiun did that, not the Argentinians...

Yes, but I still maintain (as my book says) that Death By Penguins is the least original death ever...

Which species of pengiun are we talking here?

I think all of them are covered...

yet unfortunatly I know what you've done, and wish I didn't :oP

It's cool, trust me :oP

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