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Well that was a fun distraction
Despite the fact that I was practically unconscious throughout, I did manage to sit through the Grand Prix...

Look, a car!

So anyway, yes, good race... It managed to stay vaguely interesting, despite the fact that I'm beginning to believe that motor racing is just dull. Well, specifically, people in super fast cars with little action - fast cars on a TV screen don't really mean all that much. Now, rally driving? There's something fun to watch, there's variety. Cars driving in circles is tedious, not varied, although I wouldn't go quite so far as to call the F1 GP tedious, necessarily... Ugh, I dunno, I was just a bit bored, that's all :o)

A bad bad car...

Still have no idea what I'm going to eat for dinner tonight, but I've got ages left... And Dominos doesn't close for another two hours, just in case I really do run out of ideas. Mind you, I have lots of my own ingredients here, so I might just cook something up. Tomorrow I may go food shopping, which means I'll have a chance to buy things like Taco ingredients, and Chicken Tikka ingredients, those sorts of things. The stuff I live on, basically :o)

Lots of cars. Well, two...

I've been grabbing pictures of my living area with my webcam a bit, you know, like my computer desk and stuff, which is more or less the only part of my room that so far has any sort of character - everything else is still a bit bare because I've not started doing anything with it yet. But I will soon. And I've been looking at the back yard with a view to doing something really cool with it. But we'll have to wait a while for that, since I'll need the others here, and they don't come down until next weekend. But it should be fun.

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I quite like it....

Hmm, this post is screwing with stuff, which is odd - perhaps I left a couple of table tags open or something....


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