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Oh, and in case you care....

Um, this is me

Random picture time! Yes kids, I got bored, and decided to get some random webcam shots... There's another reason for it, but that's not getting said right at this point. Enigmatic? I'd like to think so....

Yes, me again

Anyway, so yes, these are the pictures... Fun, I'm sure... This afternoon has been boring - after having Burger King for lunch, I came back and then had some more of my excellent Grilled Cheese w/ Pepperoni, which is fast becoming one of my favourite meals - it's so easy to prepare and cook, and it tastes great. What more could I ask for? I dunno what I'll do for dinner - it's not going to be for a few hours yet, on account of how I kinda need to be hungry before I try to eat, and I'm not.

Another of me

Also this afternoon I decided to watch some of Doctor Who - Remembrance of the Daleks. Those who say I was only watching to see Sophie Aldred beat the shit out of a dalek with a baseball bat would be mostly correct, to be quite honest with you - it's just the most kick-ass thing from Doctor Who that I've seen in ages. Come on - it's just so cool :o)

Getting the idea?

Anyway, the plan for now is to probably just watch the Grand Prix - should be fun, or something... Indianapolis, I think, but don't hold me to that... :o)