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Oh, and we are so back...
Yes kids, not only am I back, but I am so back... I've missed this place... So yeah, woke up for the last time at some point in the afternoon, which was a nice reminder of times past... I was actually woken by Jimbo wanting me to go shopping with him, so I got up and ready and stuff, and me, Jimbo and Alex went shopping. First stop was Virgin, to get CDs and stuff. Jimbo now has lots of CDs that I really have to steal from him just as soon as he comes back down (he's going home for the next week because he's still working).

Anyway, so yeah, then we went to Woolworths to look at the "Stuff For Students", but it wasn't all that great to be honest - we already have most of what we need, so it's not as if it matters anyway. Then we came home, because like, it was pissing down with rain on us - all those protester type people who are currently hanging out in Brighton will be getting very soggy. I'd feel sympathy, but you know, I don't care all that much. I'll be a crusader against capitalism once I'm done with Uni, but until then, I like a consumer-oriented world because it makes things easier for me right now. I have my principles, but I don't want to change the world until I've at least had the chance to enjoy it. Self-centered? Selfish? Perhaps, but at this point in my life I can't afford to be anything else.