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Two works of week left
Yes, I did mean to write "Two weeks of work left". And I spotted it after I wrote it. But I thought I'd leave it. And yes, two weeks, rather than just the one. I have decided (naturally after talking to my boss) that I ought to stay on for an extra week. Granted, this means less time to be a bum before Uni (just 4 days, in fact), but it also means £225 extra for Uni (minus tax and what I've already spent, and what I shall spend at the pub this weekend).

Well, I've just finished chatting to Julia. The foolish lass was trying to deny that she's beautiful and amazing and stuff. I tried to convince her, but she just got pissed off and made me apologise and promise to lie to her in future in order to keep within her own skewed view of herself. So I shall have fun perjuring myself pretending she's not wonderful. Fun....

Anyhow, right now, I think I really need to shave. I'm all fuzzy, and that's not good. Thankfully, since I never really shaved that much, it doesn't grow too fast. But it's getting on my nerves right now, so I'll sort it tonight at some point. Anyhow, onto today. Well, at first, I thought my boss was away for the morning. I knew for a fact that there was a conference type thing, and had assumed he was part of it. But he wasn't. Which kinda threw me when he walked in at 10:30am.... Oh well. He wants the report on Hydrogen, but I can't do it until my laptop if freed up, and that's currently on one of the 8000s, doing some tests.

A random thought here - I remember when the mouse for a computer was on the COM port. Boy, that's a while ago. Damned PS2 (and subsequently USB) - COM port mice were the best.... My old AMD still has its mouse on COM1, I think.... Anyway, just a random musing. Speaking of computers, mine is apparently coming next week, according to the nice people who are doing it for me.... Yay :o)

So, anyhow, just 25 days until my Everclear concert. The tickets came through today. Anybody want to go with me? :o)

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It ain't good... I'm beginning to look like your LJ picture ;o)

Now that is disturbing :/

It will be fixed later, so that's OK... :o)

(Deleted comment)
Your mouse sucks. And now, my little stalker, you are banned from my journal. Have a nice trip.


I'm still using a serial mouse on my PC. Not to say I haven't tried to get my PS2 mouse working again, or my new Logitech PS2 optical mouse for that matter, but windows will have nothing of the sort. I suppose it may be due to me trying to substitute my old OEM OSR2.1 copy of Win95 for a Win98SE cd, but my win98 cd is screwed up beyond repair. Lousy Microsoft.

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