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This just in...
... I'm back :o)

Yes kids, I told you I'd be back. So this is it.

Um, hi.

In recent news, I've finished working, and I'm back at university, in my new room. And all is good. I like my life right now :o)

More later, now it's time for dinner :o)

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You might want to change the colour scheme of your journal as well, it's currently a load of ol' cobblers.

For your information, I like the new green :oP

I wish I was colour-blind now.

You poor mis-treated thing, you...

Heeeeey handsome!!!


Ooh, feel the enthusiasm...

Do you have a funny little beardesque thing now or is it just the picture?

If you shaved a line down the middle of your head, you would look like the guy from alien ant farm <:) Oh and hello ;)

I dunno - I may or may not be fuzzy these days...

And I don't want to shave any of my head :oP

Hiya :o)

I would only be a thin line, try it, you might like it ;)

I'l pay you in kind <:)

And still the answer is no - go figure :oP

damn, i would have been here sooner, but i was being a slave today. thankfully, i was able to eat dinner at burger king from my tips, and my manager gave me a free pint of ice cream because i'm his new best friend and the only person that actually worked today.

anyway, i LIKE the green, i LIKE the bio, and i LIKE the pictures. and i like being on your friends list again... yes, that's a good thing. :)

seeing as you're not on AIM right now, i guess that means i'm going to SMS you. not that i have much to say... other than i love you

Burger King rules - we didn't go there nearly enough you know... Glad you got free ice cream - wish I did from time to time, I'm hungry ;o)

Yay for green, yay for my biography, yay for pictures, yay for friends lists, etc. I'm glad you like it all, because if you didn't, you know I'd move heaven and earth to change it to your liking, because what makes Jen Jen happy makes Jamie happy :o)

Aww, that's so cute sweetie. I love you too my darling :o)

and few days ago i was wondering why your posts do not appear on my Friends page anymore.. I even thought you started doing 'friends only' entries only now and that's why I don't see them hehe

welcome back!:)

Um, yeah hullo n stuff. So you'd been away then huh?


I repeat hehehe and I raise you a mwuhahaha.

And quite calling me bitch, you slag

Slag? First I'm a tart, then a slag... You're so mean to me....

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