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A lot of my favourite people live in Manhattan... And my favourite of them works at the World Trade Center. But they're all okay. So that's a good thing. But I'm rather shaken.

So yeah, I get a text message from my sister at 4:30pm telling me that terrorists have destroyed both towers of the World Trade Center. What she failed to mention was that my cousin Gwyneth was okay - she works there, but I'm the only one in my family who actually knew that, so they didn't think to tell me. But she's fine, she was late for work so I'm guessing she wasn't actually in the World Trade Center when it happened. As are Cathy, Liz, Auntie Barbara, Carol, David, Kristen, Stephen, Julie, Baby David, Mary, etc.... Thank God for that. That's all a relief and stuff, but I've been so worried :o(

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My first message said terrorists had fucked America.
My second said about the WTC, to which you replied "Are you serious?".
My third message said "Yes. Relatives are OK..."

hey are you like alive?? you havent posted in like so long!!! well i hope your ok.

Still alive

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