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More forms filled in...
Well, I've filled in every form which needs to be sent off before I go. All I have to do now is open a Student Account at a bank so that I have somewhere to bung my student loan. I shall do that tomorrow lunchtime. Barclays is the only bank on campus I want to bank with, so it'll have to be them I suppose. See if I can remember where in Thame that is - can't be hard to find, eh?

Anyway, it's Friday tomorrow. Finally. Which means the weekend. And the last ever Big Brother. I'm no longer sure who I want to win any more, so I shall just keep my opinions (such that they are) to myself... All I know is that I shall miss that show, and there can never be another series (well, not with the same people anyway).

Anyhow, I need sleep now. So I'm going to bed. Goodnight :o)


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